Branch County health & nutrition program highlights

Branch County Michigan State University Extension supports the health and nutrition of local citizens.

  • HNI Educator Suzanne Pish continues to lead the state in her efforts to increase awareness and treatment of stress for the farming community. Since 2016, over 500 people have attended trainings (including two held in 2017 in Branch County) on the signs and resources for those facing serious mental health and chronic disease challenges.
  • Nutrition and physical education classes were offered to food stamp eligible residents of Branch county resulting in 25 one-time presentations, reaching 428 adults; 16 youth series programs reaching 380 students; and two adult series of six sessions, reaching 25 adults.
  • Two food safety classes were held in Branch County attended by 18 community members. Classes focused on food handling and safety needs of food pantry managers; non-profit volunteers who provide community dinners and cook for large crowds. ServSafe certification training was provided to four restaurant managers in 2017.

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