Breastfeeding and summer travel

Having a baby doesn’t have to end your summer fun.

Summer is here, time to pack up the family and head off on vacation. This may be a daunting challenge if you are traveling with an infant, but fret not, with the tips below, your get-away can be fun and relaxing, even for breastfeeding mothers that may be concerned about how to combine feeding their baby and travel.

First, pick your mode of transport. If you are traveling by car, plan extra time for stops along the way. Keep an open itinerary as babies don’t always follow the schedule you have planned. If you are traveling by plane, try to pick a seat on the aisle or by the window to ensure you have enough room to get your baby in position to nurse. Plan to breastfeed your baby during take-off and landing to reduce the pressure in your baby’s ears.

If you are traveling internationally, make sure you talk to your health care provider to determine if your immunizations, as well as you babies immunizations are up to date. Also check with your health insurance to know of places you can find care when you are away from home.

Keep in mind that traveling throws off your babies schedule and they may want to nurse more often or may not want to nurse as much. The familiarity of breastfeeding is an excellent tool in your toolbox to help comfort your baby and help them adjust to the changes from their usual routines.

Michigan State University Extension reminds that you must make sure to take care of yourself. Although traveling with a baby can be fun, it also can be a lot of work. Plan accordingly, plan more time for breaks. Make sure you eat healthy and get enough rest. Also make sure you remain hydrated, especially in these hot summer months. Your baby will grow up fast, take the time and enjoy them and make memories to last for a lifetime.

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