BSSN program to convene to offer tribal governance training

Those interested in expanding their knowledge and understanding of tribal government may be interested in attending the Building Strong Sovereign Nations: Anishinaabek Leadership for Seven Generations program in October.

The Building Strong Sovereign Nations: Anishinaabek Leadership for Seven Generations program (BSSN) will offer its fourth annual tribal governance training from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on October 9 at the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians Casino Resort.

The program is sponsored and coordinated by Michigan Tribal Leaders, United Tribes of Michigan, Michigan State University (MSU) Native American Institute, MSU College of Law and Indigenous Law & Policy Center, MSU Extension Greening Michigan Institute.

The BSSN program supports tribal efforts to build strong communities, organizations and governments. The idea of a BSSN program was originally developed by Michigan Tribal leaders who wanted to collaborate with MSU Extension to create a capacity building training curriculum based on the needs identified by tribal stakeholders for current and future generations.

BSSN participants will engage in discussion relating to the ethics, roles and responsibilities of tribal council, fiscal management in Indian Country, best practices for conducting effective meetings, and gain a historical overview of tribes in Michigan and their interaction with state and federal governments. This program offers workshops based on various aspects of tribal governance but also provides an opportunity for tribal leadership to ask questions and learn how other tribal governments address the issues and concern of their communities. Through this training, tribal leaders are empowered to share their successes and challenges with each other so they are better equipped to make positives changes in their communities.

If you have questions to ask or are interested in talking with various facets of tribal government, each tribal government has a main telephone number and website that can connect you to the person or program that would best address your situation.

Registration for the BSSN program is $50.00 and closes September 21, 2012.

For more information on Michigan Tribal Governments please review the follow sites:

To learn more about BSSN and additional tribal governance programs please contact Emily Proctor, tribal Extension educator, at 231-439-8927 or John Amherin, government and public policy educator, at 231-922-4627.

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