Career pathways: Exploring health science careers

With so many high demand, high wage occupations, health science careers are definitely worth exploring.

Are you interested in science and medicine? Would you describe yourself as patient, caring, conscientious and careful?  Do you like helping those that are not well? Do you wonder how the body works? In your free time, would you enjoy volunteering in a hospital or clinic? If you answered yes to some of these questions, then a career in health services might be right for you.

There are over 300 health specialty areas to consider when exploring this career pathway. Do you want to plan, direct and coordinate recreation programs for people with disabilities or illnesses? Become a recreational therapist. Do you like helping animals live healthier lives? Become a veterinarian, a vet technician or assistant. Do you want to help people regain movement and manage pain?  Consider physical therapy. Are you interested in advising people on what to eat in order to lead a healthier lifestyle? Become a dietician or nutritionist. The career opportunities in health services are endless.

As far as the job market goes, it is a good time to be interested in health sciences in Michigan. Many health-related careers made it to Michigan’s top 50 high demand, high wage occupations through 2018. In fact, over 25 percent of the careers listed were health related. Moreover, registered nurses were at the top of the list for having the most projected job openings annually.

Michigan is not the only state where demand for health care careers is high. There is a national demand.  Health related industries were the top three identified as the fastest growing in the nation during the 2010-2020 time periods according to America’s Career One stop, a website sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor.

How can a young person get hands on experience exploring health related careers? Michigan State University (MSU) and Michigan State University Extension offer some very unique opportunities including OsteoCHAMPS and 4-H Exploration Days.

OsteoCHAMPS is a two week summer pre-college residential program held on the MSU campus. This program is designed to provide young people a snapshot of the medical profession through an academic curriculum, hands on activities and interaction with medical professionals and students.

4-H Exploration Days is also a pre-college program held on the campus of MSU, annually the third week of June. Here, students can choose from 200 different sessions including: Emergency Services Careers: Is one for you?, Touch the Future Career Fair and new this year, Future D.O.C’s.

With so many high demand high wage occupations, health science careers are definitely worth exploring.

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