Celebrate National Trails Day® with a hike, bike, paddle or other trail activity

June 1st is National Trails Day®. State agencies and trail groups throughout Michigan are offering a variety of trail related events for trail users of all ages and skill levels.

National Trails Day® was established in 1993 as a way to bring attention to the important role trails can play in getting people into the great outdoors. Since 1993, the first Saturday in June has been designated as National Trails Day® across America. The Michigan Department of Natural Resources (MDNR) and many local trail groups throughout Michigan are offering a variety of trail related events. Whether you are looking for peace and solitude on a remote trail or group activities in the city, Michigan trails can meet your needs.

National Trails Day® is also an opportunity for trail users to thank and recognize all of the many workers, partners, volunteers, funders and planners that make trails possible in our communities. Many trail day activities include work days on the trails to give back to local trail groups and land managers who coordinate and maintain local trails.

As obesity rates increase, trails offer an inexpensive way for people to increase their health by getting out and exercising. Whether you paddle, walk, jog, or bike, moving around will get the heart pumping, muscles flexing, and lungs expanding.

National Trails Day® opportunities in Michigan include:

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