Center for PFAS Research Faculty Spotlight: Stephen Gasteyer

Dr. Gasteyer contributes to research on PFAS contamination through the lens of community development and environment/nature interactions.

Stephen GasteyerDr. Stephen Gasteyer is a sociologist of community development and environment/nature interactions. His particular interests focus on: 1) justice in access to water, food, and other critical resources; 2) the interaction between production/extraction systems and ecological integrity/quality; 3) collective action and social movements to protect and repair violations of land, water, and ecological integrity. Dr. Gasteyer’s current projects include: 1) the statistics, drivers, and collective action to mitigate lack of access to water and sanitation in rural communities; 2) the opportunities, barriers, and role of collective action in agricultural conservation to improve water quality in the Great Lakes; 3) social movements to protect water quality impairment by extractive industry.

Dr. Stephen Gasteyer looks to contribute to the MSU Center for PFAS Research through: a) researching household and community response (collective action) to PFAS contamination and mitigation; b) researching the role of the community institutions in discovering, addressing, and mitigating the negative effects PFAS contamination; c) researching the role of regulatory institutions in the response to PFAS contamination.

Outside of Dr. Gasteyer’s research, he is a rock/blues/jazz musician; playing keyboard, guitar, and sings. He has lived and worked in Washington, DC, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, New Mexico, Palestine, and Mali. He’s had the insight into the world of policy making in DC, but also a long history of being a rural sociologist.

Dr. Stephen Gasteyer is an associate professor in the Department of Sociology.

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