Central Michigan vegetable update – April 25, 2018

Cool to cold temperatures delay spring work and crop progress in the central region.


Just 10 days ago we had snow on the ground in central Michigan. We still have piles of snow in the parking lot of my office in Stanton, Michigan. Air and soil temperatures have been very cool for the third and fourth week of April. Soil temperatures have been in the low 30s to upper 20s with highs in the 40s in Entrican, Michigan, over much of the last week. Well-drained soils are being worked; moderately to poorly drained soils are still too wet for field activity.

Crop conditions

Potato planting has begun on a limited basis this week. Soils are still much cooler than optimal, but many growers are anticipating soils warming soon.

Asparagus spears have no emerged yet.

On well-drained soils, a variety of cold hardy vegetable crops such as peas and onions are being planted by market gardeners.

Sweet corn planting has begun despite the cool soil temperatures by a few growers on very well-drained soils.

Cover crops such as winter rye and winter wheat have broken dormancy and are greening up with limited growth.

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