Cheated on your New Year’s resolution?

Have you determined that the New Year’s resolution to lose weight or exercise more has failed? Focus on becoming healthier this year. Start by finding out about your present health condition and find your own medical help.

It is close to the time that most of us will ditch our New Year’s resolution and go back to life as it was prior to our resolutions. For those of you who were determined to lose weight, gain self-control or just start something different, don’t give up, just adapt a little. Why not resolve to take charge of your health? Forget trying to lose weight or exercise more and determine to just be overall healthier this year. Start by finding out about your present health condition and seek out your own medical help.

Finding medical help
Here are a few places to start finding that help, most are right at your fingertips and close to home. Start at the local community library or federal government clearinghouses. Other places can be associations and voluntary organizations. Your local medical centers, hospitals and university libraries have sections, classes and seminars devoted to giving information to people just like you and me. Call on your personal physician, a nurse, pharmacist, dietitian or other health professional. Use your telephone or a fax service. Increasingly popular sources are computer databases and the internet.

A word of caution
Don’t believe everything that you read. If you would like more information on any condition, illness or disease, there is information available if you are patient and willing to do the research.

At you will find a host of information anywhere from how to do searches, to creating a mini-medical home library and more.

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