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Zelda Felix-Mottley has over 30 years of experience with Michigan State University Extension (MSUE) in the areas of health, nutrition, fall prevention, chronic disease prevention and management, sleep educations, anger management, and Tai Chi for arthritis and fall prevention.  Education is provided online and in-person.

Zelda has a graduate certificate in Family Life education and a master's degree in Home Economics from Andrews University; a bachelor's degree in Home Economics and an associate's degree in Communication from Oakwood University, and a Lower Secondary Teacher's Diploma in Human Ecology from the University of the Western Cape.  Over the years, Zelda has provided supervision, lifestyle coaching, professional development, training and classes to leaders, teachers and students, administrators, legislators, childcare providers, groups and individuals.

Programs that Zelda currently offers and is trained in and certified to provide to the community include:

  • Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP T2), a CDC lifestyle coach
  • Matter of Balance, a fall prevention program
  • Personal Action Towards Health (PATH) for chronic disease
  • RELAX, alternatives to anger
  • Personal Action Towards Health, (PATH) for chronic pain
  • SLEEP, a sleep education program
  • Tai Chi for arthritis and fall prevention
  • Diabetes focused sessions
  • Health focused sessions

All of these programs take an interactive approach to providing education and tools for self-management and a healthier lifestyle through facilitation and adult learning techniques.

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