CM research at MSU

Ongoing research projects within Construction Management at MSU are explored.

Photo of the Shaw Hall Dining Renovation Project Team with CM's Tariq Abdelhamid.
Shaw Hall Dining Renovation Project Team meeting with Construction Management's Tariq Abdelhamid (blue shirt), serving as the Lean/IPD Coach.

Below is a listing of ongoing research projects within Construction Management at MSU.

Tariq Abdelhamid, PhD, Associate Professor of Lean Construction at our School of Planning, Design and Construction, serves as the Research Director CIREC; Lead Facilitator of the MSU Way ECOS project – an initiative undertaken by Physical Plant and Residential and Hospitality Service to streamline processes within and between units that support the MSU campus operations and service; he is the content developer for the AGC of America Lean Construction Education Program; he serves as the principal investigator on a contract with Enovio Consulting for the stated project.

Major Advisor – MS Thesis

  • Development and Assessment of a Refined Masonry Construction System – with John Martin and Prof. Armagan Korkmaz.
  • Exploring Crew Behavior during Unexpected Events in Construction – with Ankur Desai and Prof. Tim Mrozowski.
  • Construction Crew Design: A Lean Approach – with Naveen Nerwal and Prof. Tim Mrozowski.
  • A New Prediction And Prevention Approach For Trench Excavation Cave-Ins – with Krupesh Kakkente and Prof. Armagan Korkmaz.
  • Impact of Imperfect Information on Execution of Construction Operations – with Ali Lahouti and Prof. Tim Mrozowski.

Major Advisor – PhD Thesis

  • Built Environment Project Disruptions: A Resilience Engineering Perspective – with Don Schafer.
  • Information Flow On Construction Jobsites – with Heather Moore.
  • Lean Crew Design on Construction Projects – with Wenda Nofera.

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