Coffee is healthy

Research is showing that coffee has beneficial properties to our health.

The coffee bean grows on the coffee tree produced from a flowering blossom. The coffee bean takes nearly a year for the bean or cherry to mature. Coffee can be found at almost any restaurant, gas station and in many homes. In the past, coffee has received negative reviews for being considered bad for you, that it can cause everything from heart disease to cancer.

Today, research is showing that coffee has beneficial properties to our health. Choosing decaffeinated coffee over regular coffee does not seem to make any difference with the benefits that coffee is showing to have for health. In other words, caffeine is not the key.

Compounds within coffee may inhibit the formation of protein compounds that contribute to the death of cells in the pancreas, which produces insulin. This could be a protective factor against Type 2 diabetes. Coffee has been linked to improved mental status and physical performance, as well as lowered risk of depression.

Michigan State University Extension says that researchers have not found any connection between coffee drinkers and increased risk of heart disease or cancer. The protective factors is that coffee is thought to come from the presence of magnesium and other antioxidants present. These antioxidants protect DNA from being damaged.

There are compounds present in coffee that can raise unhealthy levels of LDL cholesterol in a person. Oils called terpenes are thought to be the culprit. There is an easy fix to taking the terpenes out of the coffee. Drink coffee brewed through a paper filter and not a percolator or a French press and the paper filter removes most of the oils.

However, some of the strongest research demonstrating coffee as a health benefit is related to Type 2 diabetes. A research study in 2002 showed that people who drank seven or more cups of coffee per day, “had a 50 percent lower risk of Type 2 diabetes than those drinking two or less cups.” The majority of studies confirm that coffee is in line with producing a lower risk of diabetes.

Not only does coffee show benefits towards health but it is also a great social drink. Those who are socially involved tend to have less stress in their lives and may live longer.

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