Collaborative video series with the Midwest Cover Crop Council

A new video series on Midwest Cover Crop Council’s YouTube highlights Michigan farmers using cover crops.

Clover underseeded in wheat.
Clover underseeded in wheat. Photo by Monica Jean, MSU Extension.

Cover crops have become an essential part of management and planning for sustainable and regenerative agriculture. Using cover crops can provide a wealth of benefits but the reasons for implementing them can be unique to each field, farm and farmer. There is much to discuss around practical use of cover crops and what problems they can potentially address. Michigan State University Extension (MSU Extension), in collaboration with the Midwest Cover Crop Council (MCCC), recently published a video series where producers discuss the reasoning for cover crop use on their farm.
The online video series covers a wide range of topics related to cover crops. In addition to changes farmers have observed after using cover crops, the video series also covers important topics such as growing cover crops for seed (the VanErp Farms), establishing cover crops through interseeding (the Turnwalds Farms), how using cover crops provide climate resiliency (Shadyside Farms), and so much more!
The video series is the result of a collaboration between MSU Extension and the MCCC with support from the McKnight Foundation. The MCCC is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the use of cover crops throughout the Midwest. It brings together farmers, researchers and educators to share knowledge and experiences, and to “significantly increase the amount of continuous living cover on the Upper Midwestern agricultural landscape.”
We encourage you to check out the complete video series here or individually down below and to share it with others who might be interested. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting out, you'll find valuable information and practical tips that you can put into action on your farm from these interviews!

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