Join us for a lunch-and-learn workshop on cover crops, Feb. 27, 2020

Free hot lunch, cover crops and cost-share programming will leave you with a full belly and new ideas for the farm.

Cover crop field
Cover crop field. Photo by Monica Jean, MSU Extension.

The 2019 season had many challenges, giving farmers a reason to revisit cover crops and the benefits it can provide a farm. Crop crops can help with management issues including water holding capacity, erosion control, nutrient retention and weed control. Farmers who had cover crops planted in previous season reported that their fields were more resilient to the weather.

In an effort to provide tools, guidance and cost-share opportunities with cover crop planning, Clinton Conservation District and Michigan State University Extension are collaborating with AgroLiquid North Central Research Station to host a workshop on Feb. 27, 2020 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the AgroLiquid North Central Research Station, 5605 North Findlay Rd, St. Johns, MI 48879. This lunch-and-learn event will feature a hot lunch and a program focusing on cover crops and the various cost-share programs available to help fund them.

Monica Jean, field crops educator for MSU Extension, will talk about how to integrate cover crops into your current rotation and operation. She will also talk about the benefits associated with your cover crop choice.

Katie Hafner and Seth Gibson of Clinton Conservation District will lay out the basics of cost-share programs available for local farms. It can seem overwhelming to navigate through the process of cost-share dollars, but we can break it down step by step and answer any questions.

This event is for farmers and landowners of all experience, management systems and size.

RSVP is required. Call Seth Gibson at 989-224-3720 or email him at

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