Creating an online Profile easy as 1, 2, 3, 4 on the New MarketMaker: Part 2

Food-related business operators can easily set up online profiles on the new and improved MarketMaker in just a few steps.

MarketMaker is a web-based resource that enables links between producers, processors, wholesalers, retailers, farmers markets, food service providers, agri-tourism, wineries, breweries, charter fisheries, food banks, end-consumers, and others within the food supply chain. The site is free and available to all.

From the MarketMaker home page users can register through a four-step process.

  1. Enter email address and password.
  2. Create a simple profile from basic business name and location.
  3. Indicate type of business categories such as restaurant, farm, or farmer’s market, and products marketed.
  4. Set account preferences and submit for publication. 

Users can describe other enterprises such as retail markets, and agri-tourism activities through additional categories. For example, a fruit grower may create separate categories for the wholesale operation, the farm market, and winery. The MarketMaker profile is easy to update and can be considered your real time resume.  You can expand your business listings any time, and include social media links.

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