Daphna Gadoth-Goodman and Lauren Cooper are contributing authors on NIACS Climate Change Field Guide for Northern Michigan Forests

FCCP team members, Daphna Gadoth-Goodman and Lauren Cooper, worked in collaboration with NIACS to create a field guide on climate change in northern Michigan.

In collaboration with the Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science (NIACS) and other federal, state, private, and NGO partners, Gadoth-Goodman and Cooper helped develop a Climate Change Field Guide for Northern Michigan Forests. This quick reference guide is designed to highlight key information on climate change risks and site-level considerations for major forest types in the region, supporting foresters and land managers seeking to implement adaptation actions that help meet management goals and improve long-term forest resilience.

The field guide includes 1) a summary of climate change effects on northern Michigan forests, 2) identifications of existing site conditions that could increase or reduce risk from climate change, and 3) helpful resources on potential risks and management responses to climate change. NIACS states: “We hope it’ll be a useful reference and also help natural resource professionals start discussions about climate change with co-workers, partners, and clients.”

You can access a PDF of the field guide below or contact the Northern Forests Climate Hub to request a printed copy.

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