Don’t forget about door knobs when holiday cleaning

Germs may be lurking in hidden areas we don’t always think about. Remember to clean door knobs and door handles to avoid foodborne illness.

Are you cleaning and preparing to host holiday parties and events at your home this season?  Bacteria that can cause illness can survive in many places and lurk around your home putting all who live and enter at risk.

Bacteria are everywhere. Our skin and hands have many types of bacteria living on it that we cannot see. They are so small that millions can be on our hands without our knowing it and can easily be passed from person to person or to food we are prepping. Unwashed hands can spread disease.

Door knobs and handles surround us in our homes. They are used all day long but can often be forgotten when cleaning. Think about all of the hands and fingers that come in contact with the door knobs and handles in your home. How often are you cleaning and sanitizing them?

Michigan State University Extension recommends that as you plan your holiday events, and make your to-do lists, you think about including these important areas in your cleaning routine.

To ensure your door knobs and handles aren’t spreading germs, a simple cleaning and sanitizing process can be used. Start by cleaning the knob or handles with hot water and soap to remove dirt and debris. After cleaning, you can sanitize the knob or handles as an extra precaution to kill germs. Use a solution of 1 tablespoon of unscented liquid chlorine bleach and 1 gallon of water. Apply to surfaces and allow to stand for several minutes. Air dry or pat dry with fresh paper towels. Sanitizing wipes or sprays could also be used.

Keep all surfaces including door knobs and handles clean all year long, not just when you are preparing for guests. 

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