Dozens of Easter eggs? Eat them!

Hiding, decorating, dyeing and more: What to do with all those Easter eggs and how to do it safely!

Easter is right around the corner. After all the fun of decorating and dyeing dozens of eggs, there seems to always be an abundance of eggs left-over, even after you hide and display some. What better to do than what they were intended for, eat them!Don't waste all those Easter eggs, eat them!

Eggs are all natural and jam-packed with essential nutrients. There are 70 calories, 13 essential vitamins and minerals, high-quality protein, unsaturated fats and antioxidants all combined into one egg! Nutrients found in eggs can help with:

  • Weight management
  • Muscle strength
  • Eye health
  • Brain function
  • Aide in a healthy pregnancy
  • Sustaining energy

Since Easter eggs are handled a great deal more around this time of year, it is important to practice safe handling and preparation. While you are having fun celebrating the holiday, hiding Easter baskets and coloring eggs with your family, just remember some of these safety tips, recommended by Michigan State University Extension:

  • Make sure hands are thoroughly cleaned with soap and warm water before handling, hiding, dyeing or eating
  • Inspect eggs before purchasing for any dirt or cracks
  • Store eggs in original carton in refrigerator, not in the door
  • Do not eat the eggs if they have been out of refrigeration for more than a two hour period
  • Make sure to hard boil eggs properly. For more help check out incredible! website
  • Refrigerate hard-boiled eggs in their shells and use within one week
  • If you use hard-boiled eggs to hunt, it is not recommended to consume eggs that have been lying on the ground. If the shells are cracked, they could pick up bacteria. Hide eggs in places free from dirt, moisture and pets. Hidden eggs must be refrigerated within two hours.

With all the health benefits listed above, try starting your day off with an egg for breakfast. For breakfast ideas and more information, check out and remember to safely prepare and handle your eggs this Easter season.

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