East central Michigan field crop regional report – June 6, 2013

A few dry days have provided a window for farmers to complete corn planting and make good progress on soybean planting.


Several dry days have helped farmers get back in the field.

Commodity reports

Wheat is in the Feeke’s stage 10.5.  Much of the wheat is flowering. Currently, the foliage is clean of diseases. Wheat appears to be shorter than normal and very irregular. A few producers treated their wheat with a fungicide as a prevention measure.  Some added an insecticide also. Armyworm feeding has not been reported.

Corn planting has been completed this week for the most part. Some wet spots may yet be planted and a few producers will switch to another crop.  Many corn fields are still light green to yellow in color.  Corn is growing slowly with some of the earliest planted corn in the V3-V4 growth stage.  Some sidedress nitrogen is being applied. On Monday (June 3), many producers were finally able get back in their fields and be serious about weed control.

Soybean planting hopefully will be completed by the end of the week. Early planted fields appear to have good stands except where water ponded for an extended period of time.

Alfalfa harvest is in full swing. Some minor weevil feeding has been observed. Most of the hay will be harvested as haylage and not dry hay.

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