East Michigan vegetable regional report – July 13, 2016

Nice rains across the region are just in time for supplying unirrigated plants as they put size on their fruit.


We received varying amounts of rain across the region and have two more chances tonight, July 13, and Sunday-Monday of next week, July 16-17.


Cabbage and broccoli is being harvested. Most cabbages are around 6 inches in diameter. Some broccoli side shoots are also being harvested.

Winter squash and pumpkins are flowering. I’ve seen some powdery mildew starting.

Summer squash and cucumber harvest continues. Picks are happening every day to cut down on oversize.

Pickling cucumber harvest will be starting this week.

Cantaloupes are being harvested on one farm. These were under tunnels. Watermelons are sizing up.

Tomatoes and peppers are being picked from the field. These were under tunnels or hot caps. Some growers think they are smaller than usual. Most were between 2 and 4 inches in diameter.

Sweet onions are being harvested. Most are around 3 inches in diameter, and many are approaching colossal size already.

Potatoes, red and white, are being harvested. Most are 2 inches in diameter, but many are 4 inches.

Red beet harvest continues. Most are 2 or 3 inches wide.

Sweet corn picking has started. This early corn was planted under plastic.

Please contact me at phill406@msu.edu or 616-901-7513 to grab any suspected disease samples from your farm, or send the diseased plant parts to MSU Diagnostic Services.

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