Easter egg hunt and physical fitness

Easter is a holiday celebrated with Easter egg hunts, chocolates and family gatherings around food. Let’s explore some fun ways to add physical fitness to your Easter celebration.

Many times when we think of Easter we think of candy. Lots of candy is consumed this time of year and that does not make for the healthiest of kids or families. Easter is a time for new beginnings and warmer weather in many parts of the country. Let’s think as Easter as a great time to spring into movement and get active as a family.

Super Healthy Kids shares a great activity to get youth and families more active around an Easter egg fitness treasure hunt. Working exercise into different activities you can do together is a great way to help your family stay active and healthy.

Instructions for an Easter egg fitness treasure hunt:

  • Write clues on a piece of paper and put them in plastic eggs.
  • Place eggs in specific locations around your house or outdoors.
  • Children must do what is on the piece of paper before they move on.

Examples of clues can include:

  • Do 10 pushups. Can you do more? Look for the next clue on the front door.
  • Jump in place for a minute, then a smidge. If you aren’t too tired, look in the fridge.
  • Raise your legs high, touch your knee to your nose. Do this 10 times, and then check the garden hose.  

Another idea to be active as a family during the Easter season is taking walks and visiting your local parks. Many parks are family-friendly and have trails and other exercise type of activities you can do together. Taking a walk in the woods or by a beach provides for a time to get your legs moving and blood pumping. It doesn’t really matter where, just get outside and spend time together in the spring weather.

To learn more about being healthy with your families, visit the Michigan State University Extension website or your local MSU Extension office.

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