Enviro-weather overnight temperature report

MSU Enviro-weather provides a summary report of hours below freezing, forecasted low temperatures and late afternoon dew point reports for various weather stations and regions in the network across Michigan.

Nursery growers are now realizing last week’s well-above normal temperatures for March are a thing of the past. This morning’s (March 26) low temperatures recorded at the West Olive Enviro-weather station showed below freezing temperatures from 5 a.m. until 9 a.m. A prediction for 30-degree low temperatures is already forecasted for tomorrow (March 27) using local data and is now available on the Enviro-weather website.

Nursery growers may find the overnight temperature report information useful to see:

  • How low did the temperature get last night and this morning?
  • How long were temperatures below freezing?
  • How warm was it last night?

Temperatures below 32°F or above 70°F are noted in red.

Overnight Hourly Temps
Overnight Temperatures Report: Hourly average temperatures.

Overnight Low Temps
Overnight Low Temperatures Forecasts

The late afternoon dew point report gives a rough estimate of how far air temperatures might fall during the overnight and early morning hours. As the air reaches the dew point temperature, condensation or deposition of frost on the surfaces releases latent heat and slows the rate of cooling. Typically, the dew point temperature does not change significantly (more than 5°F or so) during the course of a day. However, if air masses or fronts move through an area, they can bring in new air masses that do result in major dew point changes, in which case this estimation scheme doesn’t work. Note also that during prolonged frost and freeze events, the dew point (and air) temperature may continue to fall below the initial dew point temperature observed the previous evening as moisture is gradually removed from the air into dew or frost.

Late Afternoon Dew Points
Late Afternoon Dew Point Report: For predicted overnight low temperatures in clear, calm, stable conditions.

To view this information, go to www.enviroweather.msu.edu. Click on the West Olive location (either by clicking on the yellow dot on the map or choosing it in the drop-down bar on the upper right-hand corner of the page) and scroll to “Overnight temperatures/hours below freezing” and click on that link.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact Thomas A. Dudek or Jeff Andresen.

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