February 2019 Staffer of the Month

Support Staffer of the Month award winner, Janelle Curtis nominated by Jun-Hyun Kim.

It is my great pleasure to nominate Janelle Curtis for the CANR Staffer of the Month Award. Janelle has done an excellent job in her position at SPDC. She has been responsible for an extremely wide spectrum of duties including assisting school and program directors, arranging meeting schedules, preparing major events of the school, assisting program accreditation renewal process, monitoring school budgets, communicating with professional advisory board of each program in the SPDC, assisting and documenting meetings of multiple committees, and so on. In each of her tasks, she has been incredibly effective with a great work ethic and performed her duties reliably and honorably. Especially she knows what the good solutions could be and/or who we should contact to get the right information to answer any issues that students and faculty members would have. Having a staff member who fully understands the policies and processes of different levels of administrative offices is an extremely beneficial to help prevent any possible confusion and Janelle has served her role in outstanding manner to all of us being better informed in any kinds of issues.

If you would like to nominate a Support Staffer of the Month, nomination forms can be found on the SAC Awards page.

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