Give the gift of safe food

Looking for a few last minute gift ideas? Why not purchase some necessities for keeping food safe?

The days of Christmas shopping for 2016 are almost over. If you are a last minute shopper who has lots of gifts to buy in the next few days or maybe you just need a couple last minute gifts or stocking stuffers, Michigan State University Extension suggests that you consider the idea of purchasing food safety gifts for those on your list. You might be asking yourself, “What would I get someone for Christmas that can help keep food safe?”

Some food safety gift ideas to consider:
  • Refrigerator thermometers for every refrigerator in your home; also think about campers and coolers
  • Freezer thermometers for all freezers, including a camper or outdoor freezer. Keep your freezer temperatures at zero degrees or below.
  • Coolers - Available in many sizes and for many uses, coolers are critical for keeping food safe during the transport of food. Consider not only large coolers or coolers on wheels, but also, lunch coolers and insulated cooler bags.
  • Instant read or digital food thermometers - All homes need a thermometer to measure the internal temperatures of foods that are being cooked.
  • Cutting boards – These are a great replacement gift for those old, worn cutting boards or possibly a new one to add to a kitchen.
  • Pressure canners or boiling water bath canners - If you have a home food preserver on your shopping list, these canners are a great and necessary investment. Depending on what types of food the person you are shopping for wants to process with a canner, they may need both types of canners.
  • Canning jars and tools - Also for the home food preserver, canning jars and tools can replenish their stock or maybe start it if they are beginners.

While purchasing some of these unique gift items for others, evaluate to determine if you need any of these items in your own home as well. Some of the canning supplies are more seasonal items, but you can find them while shopping online or possibly still in your local hardware or supermarket. 

Think outside of the box and purchase some unique, yet useful gifts for family and friends and help them enjoy safe food all year long.

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