Grandparents raising grandchildren: Part ten

Tips and resources for caring for grandchildren and yourself.

Throughout this series of grandparents raising grandchildren, Michigan State University Extension has focused on a variety of topics ranging from moving grandkids into your house, basic child development, raising teens, dealing with strong emotions, improving communication, positive discipline, maintaining contact with parents and self-care. While these are all worthy and important topics, we realize there are many other issues you may face. In gathering the information, we have found a vast amount of resources to help you on your parenting again journey.

The following is a list of places to go for more information and support. Each has a brief description and a hyperlink to take you directly to that resources website. We hope you find this list beneficial.

GrandFamilies Guide – This guide is posted on the AARP website and includes a variety of informational topics such as legal issues, finances, work, housing, health, education, childcare and family challenges.

Through the Eyes of a Child: Grandparents raising Grandchildren Fact Sheets. This is on the University of Wisconsin-Extension Family Living Programs website. These fact sheets are a quick and easy read with basic information on things like understanding children’s behaviors, close relationships, open communication and maintaining contact with parents.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren articles: The University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Family and Consumer Sciences department has put together a series of articles on many topics of support for grandparents raising grandchildren. Their articles include information on moving grandkids into your home, helping maintain contact with parents, caring for yourself, dealing with the death of a parent, abuse and neglect, finding resources in your community, legal issues, caring for infants, toddlers and teens, school readiness and success, and discipline. These materials are available in both English and Spanish.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Series: This series is on the University of Florida Extension website. It includes informational articles on child development, building strong families, financial assistance, reasons for misbehavior and discipline, custody options, school readiness, relationships and self-care.

Second Time Around Program: This is a series offered through Western Michigan University. This program can be purchased and used by any community organization wishing to start their own support groups. Topics include refining your new parenting role, working with schools, building relationships, promoting personal well-being, money management, community resources, exploring legal issues and looking to the future.

You Are Not Alone - Relatives Raising Relatives Children: This useful guide was developed by the Michigan State University School of Social Work Kinship Care Resource Center. Within this document, you can find information in Michigan on legal terms and resources, financial resources, food and nutrition programs, health and dental programs, mental health services, educational resources, kinship legislation, books for kinship families, and department of human services by county.

List of children’s books: A list of books for children being raised by grandparents or who have lost a parent. This extensive list contains over 40 books that you can share with your grandchildren. It was compiled by Oregon State University Extension.

In addition, Michigan State University Extension  has a statewide network of educators who provide family focused education that help you navigate your new role as a grandparent raising grandchildren. Some programs and resources that might interest you are Nurturing Families, Stress Less with Mindfulness, RELAX: Alternatives to Anger, Money Management, Family Nutrition, Food Preservation, Matter of Balance, Preventing and Dealing with Diabetes and 4-H Youth Development

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