Healthy living project ideas to take to county fair: Part 3

Spring is here, which means youth are beginning to work on summer fair projects. This article explores ways youth can incorporate healthy living projects in to county fairs.

Many county fairs offer youth the opportunity to exhibit projects that are smaller and non-living through still exhibits or home arts sections. Example of these exhibits include: crafts, arts, sewing, gardening, food preservation, photography, cooking and educational projects. This article will explore ways youth can exhibit safety and physical fitness projects at the county fair.

Safety is a very broad area and can be broken up to focus on specific safety topics. Project ideas could include: first aid for animals, first aid for humans, seat belt safety, bike safety, ATV safety, home safety, food safety and sun safety and skin care. These ideas could be exhibited through an educational type display, such as a poster or display board, or through a demonstration or journalizing experiences.  

Physical fitness is another area where youth have the ability to exhibit a project at the fair. A physical fitness project might be an educational display that describes an exercise plan or researching different exercises and how they benefit your body.  Youth could also make a poster about outdoor activities that involve physical activity or actually add physical fitness into their county fair by planning a 5K or one mile adventure.  

Other ideas of projects that youth could do at the fair include displaying art with food, organizing a farmers’ market during fair week, using technology such as presentation or video to teach about a healthy living topic, or creating a board game. Make sure to review your local fairbook and follow any guidelines/rules that might relate to exhibiting healthy living projects at your fair: each fair has different guidelines, rules and classes.

If you are interested in learning more about healthy living projects to exhibit at the fair, read other articles in this series: Part 1 discusses educational projects and Part 2 explores demonstrations, foods and gardening areas. To learn more about incorporating healthy living into your 4-H activities, check out other articles in the Healthy Youth section of the Michigan State University Extension website. To learn more about 4-H and how to sign-up, contact your county MSU Extension office.

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