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SMEP logoThe Sustainable Michigan Endowed Project (SMEP) is seeking talented and creative sustainability doctoral students for its SMEP Scholar Program.

Scholars receive:

  • a one-time allocation of $25,000, disbursed to the student’s major professor, used to support the student’s Ph.D. studies (e.g., tuition, research, or travel costs)
  • professional development in sustainability studies, including time and space to develop sustainability concepts, research, and interventions; networking with peers and leaders in the field; and exposure to community engaged scholarship in Michigan
  • access to discretionary funds for group trainings, trips, or other efforts that can be designed by the scholars

To receive these benefits, every year of their Ph.D. program, scholars are expected to:

  • participate in and help design the annual SMEP study tour in mid August
  • participate in and help design the monthly SMEP seminar series
  • participate in and help design other SMEP communications and events as they arise

The faculty member who nominates the student for this program also is expected to participate in the above activities.

Students cannot apply to the program directly -- they must be nominated by a member of the SMEP executive committee. Executive committee members are allowed and encouraged to nominate students whose major professors aren't members of the executive committee. Non-SMEP faculty members should contact an executive committee member to arrange for a student to be nominated.

Complete details on selection criteria, the nomination process and the timeline are available on the SMEP Scholars web page.

Applications are due by Jan. 15, 2017.

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