Horse events at 2014 Ag Expo

2014 Ag Expo has a horse farm tour, MSUE equine experts and many exhibits for the horse enthusiast.

Visitors can enjoy a horse drawn wagon ride to and from the parking lot to the Expo site.
Visitors can enjoy a horse drawn wagon ride to and from the parking lot to the Expo site.

The 2014 Ag Expo, held on Michigan State University campus on July 22–24, will have a variety of offerings for the horse enthusiast. Visitors can tour the world acclaimed MSU Horse Teaching and Research Center, learn more about Michigan State University Extension horse programs and Ask an Expert their horse related questions at the MSU Extension horse programs booth.

Ag Expo is sure to bring you all the latest in technology in agricultural production and current research findings from MSU College of Agriculture and Natural Resources faculty, MSU AgBioResearch scientists and MSU Extension staff members.

Across the Expo grounds this year, you can meet with more than 200 exhibitors to learn about products and services that help Michigan agricultural producers continue to succeed. State of the art horse facilities, feeders, tractors and manure spreaders are just a teaser to the exhibits that you will enjoy.

MSU Extension horse booth

While at the Ag Expo site, you may visit the MSU Extension Equine Programs, Michigan Equine News, and eXtension Horses.under the CANR tent (north side next to food tent) to learn more about youth and adult extension opportunities across Michigan as well as our award winning online offerings through My Horse University.  

This year we will feature an Ask the Expert program at our MSU Extension horse booth. Faculty and educators will be there to answer your questions regarding horse nutrition, behavior, conditioning and health as well as facility and pasture management. If we don’t have the answers, we will make sure to get them to you using our eXtension Ask an Expert national network.

MHU booth at Ag Expo
Visit our experts at the MSUE Horse Programs booth.

Offsite horse tour

Offsite, you can take a tour of the MSU Horse Teaching and Research Center led by MSU Extension equine experts. MSU maintains the third longest continuing Arabian breeding herd in the United States, with several nationally successful show horses born on the premises. These horses allow for teaching and demonstration with high quality animals, regardless of student breed preference or interest. Daily tours of the MSU Horse Teaching and Research Center will allow for demonstration and interactive discussion on general horse care including facility and pasture management. The farm tours are scheduled daily Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 12:30 p.m. The MSU Horse Teaching and Research Center is located at 3327 Collins Rd. Lansing, MI 48910. There will be complimentary bus transportation from the Expo site to the Horse Teaching and Research Center for all tours. View the following video to learn more about the MSU Horse Teaching and Research Center including the world acclaimed MSU Arabian Horse Breeding Program.

MSU Tribute Film from Genuine Horsefly on Vimeo.

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