Huron County making the most of our natural assets 2018-19

MSU Extension encourages better land stewardship to benefit communities by protecting and enhancing Michigan’s natural resource assets.

When you support MSU Extension’s natural resources education programs, participants learn about income-generating opportunities, ecological principles, natural resource issues and the role of natural resource professionals. They also explore public policy issues related to environmental stewardship. Our programs can lead to increased income for families that retain their natural resource assets, help landowners become better stewards of their land, and protect land management opportunities for future generations. Better land stewardship benefits communities by protecting and enhancing Michigan’s natural resource assets.

Michigan Sea Grant Extension promotes research, education, and outreach to enhance responsible and sustainable use of our diverse Great Lakes resources. Through MSU Extension, Michigan Sea Grant works with Michigan citizens, industries, and coastal communities to encourage their use, benefits, and enjoyment of Great Lakes resources that positively influences our state’s economy, environment and quality of life.

Lake Huron Regional Fisheries Workshops

Lake Huron Regional Fisheries Workshops — In 2018, Michigan Sea Grant Extension hosted four Lake Huron Regional Fisheries Workshops – including one in Bad Axe. These workshops brought together over 300 anglers, charter captains, and others with fisheries researchers and managers from across Michigan. At the Bad Axe workshop, there were over 100 participants including more than 50 attendees from Huron County. Participants gained better understanding of Lake Huron fisheries ecosystem changes, how people are interacting with and affect these resources (e.g. fishing trends, management issues) and connected-research and management activities relating to Lake Huron and local communities.

Household Hazardous Waste Collection

Household Hazardous Waste Collection — In 2017, the collection was held on Saturday, April 29th. The three hour event collected over 8,000 pounds of toxic waste from area Huron County residents to prevent it from going into local landfills and potentially contaminating ground water. Residents dropped off 1,967 toxic products. This collection is a collaboration between the Huron Conservation District and Huron County along with MSU Extension where the program is coordinated.

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