IFLR to host three panel discussions at IFT2020

MSU's Institute for Food Laws and Regulations will host three panel discussions at IFT's Annual Event and Food Expo this July.

MSU's Institute for Food Laws and Regulations will host three panel discussions at the Institute for Food Technologists (IFT) Annual Event and Food Expo this July, in Chicago. Stay tuned for panel times and locations, and be sure to stop by the MSU booth #S4156 at the Food Expo, July 12-15.

Here is a preview of the panels:

Can I say that? — Mitigating Risks from Claims in Labeling and Advertising

Claims sell food and distinguish products in the marketplace, but claims bring risk. This panel will help food companies avoid and mitigate those risks.  Learn to mitigate risk through determining the ideal level of claims, strengthening claim validity, evolving internal compliance strategies, and building trust with consumers. The discussion will include strategies to:

  • Reduce regulatory risk
  • Reduce lawsuit liability and risk
  • Reduce the risk of unexpected reformulation, redirection of marketing, and reframing of claims
  • Build brand integrity
  • Reduce the risk of misleading consumers
  • Strengthen consumer trust and loyalty

How to Keep Your Boss (and Yourself) Out of Jail

Learn strategies to adequately protect against the realities of the new enforcement environment. Discussion will include how to effectively manage risk communication in light of:

  • Park Doctrine (the Responsible Corporate Officer Doctrine)
  • Yates Memo (individuals will be the primary focus of every government investigation into corporate misconduct)
  • Applicable FDA rules and penalties
  • US v Parnell case
  • Guidance on documentation: (1) positive record-keeping and reporting; (2) e-mail and other concerns; (3) record retention; and (4) attorney-client privilege


The Game: Labeling Foods of the Future

From cell-based meat, proteins and fats from bacteria, plants, algae, yeast or other fungi, it’s not just the technology that is changing, it’s labeling these innovative foods. Experts from FDA, USDA, academia, and industry, will discuss current technologies and how they fit into the current labeling regulatory scheme.  Learn about the future of these products and how the FDA landscape may be changing. Topics include:

  • Current standards of identity and the push to eliminate them
  • How new technologies fit into the current regulatory labeling scheme and how competitors may challenge your product and your labeling
  • Why the public perception may be both your friend or your enemy

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