In the Weeds podcast on farm financial decisions

This series hopes to guide you in upcoming decisions regarding the farm bill, COVID-19 financial relief and crop marketing.

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Listen to the Michigan Field Crops podcast channel for a new “In the Weeds” series exploring financial decisions facing farmers. You will hear from agribusinesses and researchers about their recommendations for financial management. The episodes are posted, so go get listening!

Series 7 Episode 1: COVID Financial Relief & Farm Bill: Go Sign Up!!

Michigan State University Extension educators Monica Jean, Jon LaPorte and Corey Clark sit down to discuss COVID-19 financial relief programs that farmers can apply for, as well as updates on the Farm Bill programs. 

Series 7 Episode 2: Magic 8 Ball Reading: Market Outlook and Trade

Jean sits down with Aleks Schaefer, assistant professor of agriculture and food policy at MSU, to discuss the 2020-21 marketing year and current trade issues. 

Series 7 Episode 3: Carbon Market Craz

Jean and Clark sit down with Matt Gammans, assistant professor of agriculture and environmental economics at MSU, to discuss carbon markets and their potential impact on farming.

Series 7 Episode 4: Marketing 101

Jean and Clark sit down with Angie Setzer, vice president of grain for Citizens LLC. of Charlotte, Michigan, to get into the weeds on marketing grains. 

The podcast is available on Spotify and iTunes and is embedded on the Field Crops Team website. New podcasts are posted every week for this series. To receive notification of podcast posts, please subscribe to our channel: Michigan Field Crops.

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