Incorporate physical activity into your day

Making physical activity a part of your day can lead to improved overall health.

We know that being physically active every day is imperative to good health. The benefits of physical activity include feeling healthier, sleeping well, having more energy and improved overall health. The challenge lies in making daily physical activity a priority. We lead busy lives; jobs, family, hobbies, extracurricular activities, kids and their busy schedules can all fill up the day leaving little time for physical activity. Setting a weekly goal for physical activity and planning for it are two steps that can help you be successful when you are trying to add physical activity to your day. Set small, achievable goals and you can be successful.

The recommended physical activity level for adults is at least 30 minutes per day. How are you doing? If you need to add some extra minutes of activity, try some of the following ideas:

  • Walk the dog.
  • Take the baby for a stroller ride.
  • Go for a family bike ride after dinner.
  • Walk the track, around the sport field or the block while kids are at sport practices.
  • Enjoy swimming at a local pool or join an exercise class for yoga or aerobics. No gym near you? Tent or purchase a DVD and exercise in your own home.
  • Join a co-worker for lunch walks or walk during breaks.
  • Break your activity up into smaller segments, such as three ten-minute walks or two fifteen-minute walks throughout the day.
  • Walk at your local mall or in a large store.
  • Find a friend to be active with and make dates for activity.
  • Schedule your daily activity right into your calendar so you’re guaranteed to have time.
  • Get up 30 minutes earlier in the morning and start your day with physical activity.
  • Gardening and housecleaning also increase activity levels.

For other examples of physical activities, visit the Choose MyPlate website. Whatever activities you choose, have fun and enjoy being physically active!

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