Increased citizen participation in government: Fad or new reality? Part Four

Increased citizen participation in both nonprofits and government seems to parallel the rise of the new economy. Can we harness the interest to both improve governance and satisfy citizens?

Today’s preferred forms of communication by most people are computer-driven, and most now use some form of wireless connections, whether through cellular phone networks or wireless computer technology. If you think a group of committed citizens who meets regularly with an elected official is the best means of communicating the issues the government body is working on and gathering input from citizens, do it. If that is too time consuming, and a similar group connected wirelessly fits your community, set it up. Maybe your community is ready for a more ongoing, less time-restricted form of two way communication with constituents, give it a try. Are your current social media outlets too distracting for your purposes? Then create a new one with more focus. If the staff in your government is too busy providing their state or federally mandated services to set something up, contract with someone under 35 to create it. The tools are plentiful, and rapidly-evolving.

Gregory Saxton says in his concluding paragraph of part one will get you started on the rest. 

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