It’s tax time!

Where to go for free tax information.

The New Year is upon us and of course, that can only mean one thing. Tax season is just around the corner. Have you ever wondered where to go for free information and help regarding your taxes? One of the best places to find information regarding taxes is, and one of the best pieces of information available is the IRS Guide to Free Tax Services. Contents of the Guide include the following: 

  • Free Products and Services – Tax products, Smartphone application and E-news subscriptions, along with information on the Taxpayer Advocate Service.
  • Free Education and Assistance Programs – Information on Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA), Tax counseling for seniors, Information for students and low-income taxpayers, along with information on how to obtain their online toolkit.
  • Prepare and e-File your taxes for Free – Information regarding free file, free file fillable forms, using IRS E-File, how to sign electronically and information regarding the electronic federal tax payment system.
  • Free IRS Resources – This section includes information on how to request documents and definitions regarding various documents, also included in this section is information on how to check the status of your refund, how to set up an installment plan, and what to do if you receive an audit notice.
  • IRS Teletax – Listing of available recorded information individuals can obtain by calling 800-829-4477 and entering a 3 digit code. Codes are listed in the guide.
  • Calling the IRS – Listing of toll-free numbers for various departments of the IRS.
  • Tax Resources for Small Businesses and Tax-Exempt Organizations – This section includes information on Educational opportunities for small businesses along with how to find information regarding retirement plans and how to get the SSA/IRS Reporter quarterly online.
  • Educational Opportunities for Charities and Non-Profits – Includes information on how to register and attend workshops, webcasts, phone forums, and interactive online trainings along with an exempt organizations search engine.
  • Publications and Forms – Listing of available publications and how to download or view them.

Taxes can be complicated and changing laws seem to make every new filing year a little more difficult so why not brush up on your knowledge by visiting But remember, when in doubt; seek the advice of a tax professional. Better to be safe than audited!

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