Join other gardeners in west Michigan to become a Master Gardener

Thinking about starting a garden, or already garden as a hobby? Register today to become a Master Gardener and share your passion with others. Classes in west Michigan start Sept. 5.

Image courtesy of Rebecca Finneran
Image courtesy of Rebecca Finneran

Nearly 70 percent of Michigan households engage in some type of gardening according to the National Gardening Association. Many people are joining the ranks of the average gardener by engaging in the nationally known program known as Master Gardener. Gardening continues to be on the rise among younger adults who want to be earth-friendly, well-informed and produce high quality produce for the dinner table. Gardening as a hobby is really for every age group, however. The benefits of gardening as you grow older are endless—it not only stimulates your senses and helps you connect with nature, but it also helps reduce stress, increases physical activity and endurance, and provides a fun, outdoor activity for socializing and making new friends.

If you live in west Michigan and are on the fence about starting a garden or already garden as a hobby, Michigan State University Extension has a program for you. Becoming an Extension Master Gardener is a great opportunity to have fun and gain new friends. It really ignites a passion in people to learn more about science-based gardening practices and apply them in their communities. There are lots of opportunities in west Michigan to get involved in gardening for anyone with an interest in it. Our goal is to make these programs accessible to everyone.

Extension Master Gardener

Being in the MSU Extension Master Gardener Program requires only an enthusiasm for gardening and a willingness and commitment to volunteer. MSU faculty and staff members will train you in the latest research-based, environmentally-friendly gardening practices to then share with others in your community.

Through the Master Gardener Program, trained volunteers help improve and protect the environment, help people learn how to grow their own food, provide food to food banks, improve quality of life, beautify communities and help youth develop through gardening activities

“The Master Gardener training course helped me get a part-time retirement job that has allowed me to grow and be linked to a larger community of plant enthusiasts,” said a training course participant. “As a former English teacher, I am teaching a new botanical curriculum to others.”

Registration for the 2017 Master Gardening Training Course in Grand Rapids is now open. Training begins Sept. 5 and classes take place every Tuesday from 4 to 8 p.m. until Dec. 12. The last date to register is Aug. 28, but don’t wait too long, the course is filling fast! Register online at Master Gardening Training Course in Grand Rapids.

If you would like to learn more about Michigan Master Gardener programs across the state and check out upcoming class dates and locations, visit the Master Gardener Program website. For more information on a wide variety of gardening topics, visit the Gardening in Michigan website or call the MSU Lawn and Garden Hotline at 1-888-678-3464.

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