Lake Research Grants Program from Michigan chapter of the North American Lake Management Society

Proposals sought from full-time graduate and undergraduate students as well as citizens enrolled in a volunteer leadership training programs who are working on management projects involving lakes and lake leaders.

Volunteers engaged in lake management. Photo credit: Bindu Bhakta l MSU Extension
Volunteers engaged in lake management. Photo credit: Bindu Bhakta l MSU Extension

The freshwater resources of Michigan are considered by some as one of the state’s greatest treasures. Dotted with thousands of freshwater lakes, Michigan enjoys a unique resource that is unparalleled. For all of us who live, work and play in and around these wonderful lake resources, there is a vital role to be shared in their protection, management and wise use.

The Michigan Chapter North American Lake Management Society (McNALMS) is a non-profit organization with federal 501c (3) status. The Society’s mission is to promote understanding and comprehensive management of Michigan’s inland lake ecosystems. McNALMS is a proactive, project-oriented organization forging collaborative partnerships to further the protection and quality of Michigan’s inland lakes. The organization provides a unique opportunity for a diverse set of individuals, groups, and lake advocates to come together to achieve shared lake protection and restoration objectives. The organization is strongly interested in lake research and the application of that research to the effective management of lakes. Importantly, McNALMS understands that in order for this to happen, there is a strong need to engage local citizens who are integrally involved in the implementation of lake protection strategies.

The purpose of the McNALMS Lake Research Grants Program (LRGP) is to promote University student efforts to work with lakes and lake communities to enhance lake management. Projects that increase the understanding of lake ecology, strengthen collaborative lake management, build lake partnerships and/or expand citizen involvement in lake management are eligible for consideration. Up to two grants will be awarded each year. A total of $1,000 will be allocated to the program each year, and proposals will be funded for one calendar year. Approved applications are eligible for a matching grant of $1,000 through the Michigan Lake and Stream Associations, Inc.

To be eligible for funding, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • All applicants must be current members (or enroll as members of McNALMS when they submit their application). Please note: McNALMS membership is free for full-time students.
  • Applicants must be either:

Information required as part of the application process is a description of the project and how it will enhance inland lake ecosystems, lake management, collaborative lake management, lake partnerships or expand citizen involvement in lake management. In addition, applicants must provide a description of the methods that will be used to implement the project, how results will be analyzed, anticipated project outputs and outcomes, project timeline, budget, curriculum vitae and a list of partners/collaborators on the project.

Grant proposals are due by 5 p.m. on February 27, 2015. Awards will be made no later than the end of the first week of April 2015. A complete description of the proposal requirements along with an application form is available on the McNAMLS website. Contact with specific questions. 

Michigan State University Extension has many more resources and articles to teach you more about Michigan’s lakes, streams, and watersheds.

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