Lauren Cooper and Kylie Clay publishing two-part report on Safeguards for a Sustainable Forest Economy

Part I of the report is titled "Needs and Principles for CSFE Safeguards"

Lauren Cooper, FCCP Program Director, and Kylie Clay, FCCP Associate Director, developed a two-part report for the Climate Smart Forest Economy Program (CSFEP). In collaboration with The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and generously supported by Good Energies Foundation, this report lays a foundation for CSFE social and environmental standards with fundamental principles to guide more efficient, equitable, and impactful safeguard assessment and implementation. In addition, it explores approaches and tools for actors to implement, including existing guidance and available data sources for more efficient safeguards assessment.

Part I, "Needs and Principles for CSFE Safeguards," outlines 1) issue areas regarding Safeguard concerns for a CSFE, 2) enabling conditions, 3) safeguard challenges for CSFE assessment and implementation, and 4) global guiding principles to encourage and facilitate the strategic application of social and environmental safeguards associated with CSFE interventions.

View Part l of the report here

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