Lauren Cooper to speak with Sen. Michael Bennet on advancing climate action on Capitol Hill

Lauren Cooper, FCCP Program Director, is on a panel of experts speaking with Senator Michael Bennet about the economic and societal benefits of climate-smart investments.

Advancing Climate Action on Capitol Hill: A Conversation with Sen. Michael Bennet About the Economic and Societal Benefits of Climate-Smart Investments

March 15, 2022 - Online Webinar

Lauren Cooper, FCCP Program Director, is on a panel of experts speaking with Senator Michael Bennet about the economic and societal benefits of climate-smart investments. 

The U.S. Senate can address the climate crisis, create millions of good jobs, boost local economies and build a cleaner, more prosperous and more equitable future for all Americans by passing the climate provisions in the budget package. The legislation’s climate-smart measures include historic investments in clean energy, forest restoration and conservation, wildfire mitigation and resiliency, and support for sustainable agricultural practices. These policies can not only start to address climate change and mitigate climate-fueled natural disasters but also support jobs and local economies across the United States, especially in rural areas.

Join World Resources Institute on March 15 for a conversation with Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado, a longtime climate champion in the U.S. Senate and tireless advocate of climate action through the Senate Finance and Agriculture, Nutrition, and Forestry committees. The discussion will center around the state-of-play on Capitol Hill and the benefits of the budget package’s climate measures. Following the conversation with Sen. Bennet, there will be a panel discussion about the legislation’s natural climate solution investments and how they can not only mitigate climate-fueled disasters, but support economies and jobs and address existing inequities.

Featured Speaker

  • Sen. Michael Bennet, Colorado

Panel of Experts and Other Speakers

  • Sean BabingtonSenior Advisor for Climate in the Office of the Secretary, Department of Agriculture
  • Jessica MorseDeputy Secretary for Forest and Wildland Resilience, California Natural Resources Agency
  • Bryan Van StippenProgram Director, National Indian Carbon Coalition
  • Lauren T. Cooper, Director, Forest Carbon and Climate Program, Michigan State University
  • Haley Leslie-BoleAssociate, United States, World Resources Institute 
  • Ani DasguptaPresident and CEO, World Resources Institute 
  • Christina DeConciniDirector of Government Affairs, World Resources Institute 
  • Dan LashofDirector, United States, World Resources Institute (Moderator)

View the webinar here.


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