Michigan employers can set up student internships now: Part 2

It’s not too late for employers to establish new internships for 2013, or to look ahead for 2014.

With its vast number of students and academic programs, Michigan State University has quite a few resources for internships including individual events and the website, MySpartanCareer.com. Jill Cords, Career Services Specialist for Michigan State University College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, urges employers to list summer internships now. “Don’t wait until spring break,” Cords says. “In fact, it’s a good time to plan for the special agriculture internship fair held during Fall 2013 semester.”

“I have found that working with interns is good for the company as well as the students,” said Bonnie Steinman of Hop Head Farms in Hickory Corners, Michigan. “We look forward to getting fresh perspectives of our operations and industry that interns bring. They ask good questions and make us think about how and why we do what we do. We also enjoy showing them how to take the lessons from the classroom and apply them to a real working situation. This year, our internship applicants have mentioned that they really need to get experience in the field to be confident in their major and continue it as a career.” Steinman strategized with Michigan State University Product Center Innovation Counselor Joanne Davidhizar to access interns for their farm operation in 2013.

For information about internships, employers may contact Jill Cords at jcords@msu.edu, or visit MySpartanCareer.com, a comprehensive resource for employers and students.

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