Michigan Fresh resources are always in season

Remember, Michigan Fresh resources can be a great resource for you and your family throughout the year.

If you are familiar with Michigan State University Extension’s Michigan Fresh program, you are aware of the wealth of resources it provides via the website as well as education and demonstrations from MSU Extension staff during the farmer’s market and food preservation season. Even though the season for fresh produce has ended for Michigan, Michigan Fresh has information that can assist you and your family all year long.

Did you know Michigan was the third largest producer of Christmas trees? If you haven’t purchased a Christmas tree yet for your home, consider that Michigan grows Fraser fir, Scotch pine, Colorado blue spruce, Douglas-fir, Concolor fir and Canaan fir. As you head to the tree farm, make it a fun, family experience and create family memories when selecting the family Christmas tree.

Looking to add a warm and healthy snack to your day? A Michigan Fresh recipe for Microwave Baked Apples is a perfect way to enjoy a nutritious snack that can warm you during these cold, winter days.

Whether you have stored vegetables or fruits left from the fall harvest or you are purchasing fresh produce in stores, the proper storage of fruits and vegetables is a question often in need of answering throughout the year. The safe storage of your produce is important to consider to help ensure your produce is safe to consume as well as great tasting. Understanding where the optimal storage is for the various fruits and vegetables you use will allow you to utilize all the produce and have less waste.

Look to Michigan Fresh for all your produce needs and more, all year long.

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