Mindfulness A to Z book helps children practice mindfulness, supports social emotional health

MSU Extension’s “Mindfulness A to Z: An Alphabet for Fun and Calming Activities” can help you and your child practice mindfulness.

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Learn how to practice mindfulness with your child today.

Mindfulness can be a powerful tool for children. It can help with focus, easing anxiety or worry, and managing stress. Mindfulness practice has shown to help children build skills for social awareness, self-management, strong relationships and decision-making

Mindfulness A to Z: An Alphabet for Fun and Calming Activities,” developed by Michigan State University Extension, will introduce your child to 26 mindfulness activities to help support their social emotional health and help them practice mindfulness. These activities will take children ages 3 to 12 from A (alpaca breathing) to Z (zipper stretches) with mindfulness techniques like meditations, stretches and breathing exercises. Children will learn to use the activities to slow down, calm down and relax so they can focus and feel better.

These 26 mindfulness activities are also available as activity cards. You can shuffle the cards and pick one to try or you can start with A and stop at Z. You choose! The only rule to remember is to have fun!

Using the book and activity cards

You can use the Mindfulness A to Z book and activity cards when your child is:

  • Transitioning from one activity to another.
  • Trying to work through a strong emotion.
  • Feeling overwhelmed.
  • Having trouble focusing.
  • Going through a daily routine like nap time or waking up.

Purchasing the book and activity cards

The Mindfulness A to Z: An Alphabet of Fun and Calming Activities book and activity cards are for sale in the MSU Bookstore. Check out the links below to get your copy today.

Mindfulness practice resources

Check out these additional resources from MSU Extension to build mindfulness practices with your children. 

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