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Michigan State University Extension has an office in almost every county in the state and provides many health-related programs.

Michigan State University Extension has offices in almost every county in the state and is busy providing a wide range of programming to Michigan residents. Many are unaware of Extension’s work outside of agriculture. Why not make a New Year’s resolution to partake in some personal health-related programming? 

MSU Extension’s health programs range from teaching about healthy eating habits to safe food preservation techniques.

Nutrition and physical activity programs:

  • Eat Healthy, Be Active for Adults - Learn basic nutrition and physical activity education and receive recipes and easy techniques to assist in developing a healthier lifestyle.
  • Cooking Matters for Youth and Adults - Cook and take home groceries to reproduce what was cooked in class.
  • Eat Smart, Live Strong for Seniors - Partake in light physical activity designed for seniors and receive some healthy food choices.

Disease prevention and management programs:

  • Dining with Diabetes - Learn how to eat and what to eat when you’re at home or dining out.
  • Matter of Balance - A fall prevention class for seniors.
  • Personal Action Toward Health (PATH) - Receive guidance in health related topics that will reinforce personal power and perseverance.

Food safety and food preservation programs:

  • Serv Safe - Obtain training to receive a certificate to safely serve food.
  • Cottage Food Law - Learn how to prepare food to sell at open markets.
  • Food Preservation Education for Adults and Youth - Learn how to can and freeze foods.

Social-emotional health and well-being programs:

  • RELAX:  Alternatives to Anger – A communication series that teaches problem-solving skills.
  • Stress Less with Mindfulness – Learn stress management techniques including mindfulness.
  • Nurturing Families – A parenting series to generate more nurturing of oneself and each other.

If you are wondering if MSU Extension is the right choice for you, remember, we have 100 years’ worth of experience and history of providing research–based relevant programming, we’re already working with other health-related providers and have a mission and proven record of helping. For more detailed information, or to find an event or program contact your local MSU Extension office.

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