Mosquito repellent can damage turf

Mosquito spray can damage turf, so be careful where you spray, especially at the golf course.

The start of summer 2013 appears to be another fantastic year for mosquitos in Michigan. When you’re applying your favorite mosquito repellant to your legs, Michigan State University Extension says don’t apply it while standing on the turf. Every year I see examples of mosquito spray killing turf on golf courses, usually next to the first tee, but sometimes in the middle of the fairway. Mosquito repellant usually isn’t going to kill the entire plant, but will definitely kill the leaf tissue and leave some interesting crime scene like outlines of the perpetrator.

Mosquito spray damage
Mosquito spray can damage turf. Photo credit: Kevin Frank, MSU

Dr. Frank's work is funded in part by MSU's AgBioResearch.

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