MyPlate Kid’s Place

Explore a new way for kids to learn about healthy eating.

As a parent, the job of teaching your children about healthy eating and good nutrition can be a challenge. Some kids are pickier eaters than others. New tastes, textures and smells play a role in a child’s interest in new foods, and the huge variety of food choices that are available impact what your child wants to eat and doesn’t want to eat. Being a good role model for your kids is critical to helping improve their healthy eating habits, but so is helping them learn more about what they are eating, especially as they get older and can begin making nutritional choices of their own. Michigan State University Extension recommends using MyPlate as your guide to help encourage your kids to maintain a healthy, balanced diet, and now there is a new resource available!

MyPlate’s Kids Place is now available to help kids learn about healthy eating and good nutrition. Kids will find games, videos, songs, activity sheets, recipes and tips to help them eat healthier and move more. Fun, interactive learning games like “Build a Meal, Dining Decisions, Combo Kitchen and Blast Off “ are great tools to help kids learn more about the foods they are eating, MyPlate’s food groups and making healthy choices. Songs about healthy snacks and eating fruits and vegetables are part of MyPlate’s Kids Place and encourage kids to learn through music and movement. Also found are some great recipes and activity sheets kids can complete to continue their learning about MyPlate and healthy eating.

Parents will find new ways through MyPlate Kid’s Place to help kids make healthier food and physical activity choices. A variety of ideas are available to use at home and help you teach kids about healthy eating, while grocery shopping, planning meals and preparing meals.

Encouraging good nutrition for the children in your life is an ongoing process. Incorporating information and tools about healthy eating in a variety of ways will help keep the topic of nutrition interesting for kids and make them want to learn more. Like many jobs of a parent, it can be difficult at times to teach and role model good nutrition, but the outcome of having healthy children makes it all worth it.

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