Message from the district coordinator

Michigan State University Extension makes a difference in Ogemaw County.


Michigan State University Extension continues to serve the residents of Ogemaw County through the educational process that applies knowledge to critical issues, needs and opportunities. In 2016 and 2017, MSU Extension Educators, Program Coordinators, Program Instructors and support staff have all played a role in delivering information to help our farmers, school children, teachers, caregivers, consumers, homeowners, business owners, visitors, workers, parents, government officials, home gardeners, entrepreneurs, those battling chronic disease and those seeking better health, improve their lives and the lives of those they serve, lead and follow. Over 50 educational programs, workshops, presentations and other initiatives combined with the many 4-H clubs, camps and events have been utilized to make this impact. Although each county office is different, and there may be more or less staff in one location over another, MSU Extension statewide staff are called upon to offer programming throughout the state to help meet the critical needs that are sometimes unique to each community. As you read through this annual report, you will see examples of many of the programs and participants from our communities. MSU Extension’s four institutes: Agricultural and Agricultural Business, Children and Youth, Health and Nutrition, and Greening Michigan all played a role in this year’s programming. Educators, Coordinators and Instructors from each Institute also contribute to the world wide web presence that offers non-bias information to anyone with access to a computer, tablet or smart phone and an internet connection. The articles, videos, worksheets and other materials are easily accessible and available at no charge. The content of these valuable resources are compiled by MSU Extension Educators that live, work and play in Ogemaw County. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve our residents of Ogemaw County, our stakeholders and our partners.

Mischelle Warner
District Coordinator, District 4

Measuring Impact

Serving Ogemaw County residents and equipping its leaders: 

  • Agriculture and Agricultural Business Institute programming including: farm visits, TB evaluations and education, youth preparation, feed issues, product and risk management, dairy production, management and labor issues, cow-calf producers, field crops, horticulture and more
  • Children and Youth Institute programming including: science, technology, engineering, math, 4-H clubs, short-term special interest programs, animal science, forestry, horticulture, natural resources, leadership, career exploration, childcare and more
  • Greening Michigan Institute programming including: water quality, septic systems, forestry, natural resources, food systems, entrepreneurship, tourism, good governance and more
  • Health and Nutrition Institute programming including: disease prevention, diabetes, food safety, food service, general nutrition, physical activity, social and emotional health and more


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