Outgoing Chair Reception

Faculty, staff, administrators, graduate students, and friends of the department honor outgoing chair, Dr. Janice Swanson.

Swanson reception cake.

A reception was held today for Dr. Janice Swanson in honor of her service to the Department of Animal Science as chair. Guests numbering around ninety gathered in Anthony Hall to wish Swanson a smooth transition back to the faculty and to thank her for her years of service.

Speakers included Dr. Suzanne Lang, ANR Associate Dean, Faculty and Administrative Affairs & Director CANR Faculty Development; Dr. Kelly Millenbah, ANR Associate Dean and Director for Academic and Student Affairs; Dr. George Smith, Associate Director of MSU AgBioResearch and Associate Dean for Research for the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources; Dr. Rob Bates, Director of the MSU Extension Agriculture and Agribusiness Institute; Mr. Rob West, ANS South Campus Farms Coordinator; Dr. Karen Waite, ANS Coordinator of the Undergraduate Program and Assistant Chairperson; and Dr. Adam Lock, ANS Associate Professor. Swanson followed the speakers with her recollections and thoughts, as well as well wishes for the next chair, Dr. Pamela Ruegg, who starts her role as chair of ANS on January 22.

Swanson reception

Swanson reception

Swanson reception

Swanson reception: Lang and Millenbah

Swanson reception: Smith

Swanson reception: Bates

Swanson reception: West

Swanson reception: Waite

Swanson reception: Swanson


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