Pages Tab Context Menu Options in dotCMS

The Pages Tab context menu can be accessed by right clicking on the page, file, or folder you wish to modify.

August 3, 2017

To access the Pages Tab context menu, navigate to the page, file, or folder you wish to modify and then right click on that item. The following menu options are available:


  1. Open (Preview): This will open the page in the preview window allowing you to add content to it.
  2. Page Properties: This will return you to the screen where you are able to edit the page title or URL.
  3. View Statistics: This does not do anything as we use Google Analytics. Do not select this option.
  4. Republish/Publish: This will publish the entire page.
  5. Add to Bundle: This does not do anything as we use a different kind of web publishing. Do not select this option.
  6. Unpublish: This will return the page to an unpublished state where it is not viewable on the Internet.
    Archive: If the page is already unpublished, Archive replaces the Unpublish option. This will allow you to archive content out of your list so you will no longer see it.
    NOTE: You can review archived pages by selecting "Show Archived" in the upper middle of the screen.
  7. Copy: This option will duplicate the selected page. It is not recommended that you use this option.
  8. Cut: This option will cut the page allowing you to paste it into a different folder if you need to move pages.
  9. Close: This will close the context menu.

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