Pest identification resources

Every grower of Christmas trees in Michigan has had to deal with pest damage. The following publications are resources every Christmas tree grower should have on their shelf.

These publications will help you with identification, biology of the pest, and management strategies of the many insects, weeds and disease affecting Christmas trees.

Christmas Tree Pest Manual (E-2676)

This publication is an important resource for anyone who manages conifer trees, including Christmas tree growers, landscapers and foresters. This 143-page manual includes over 250 color photos of damage caused by insects, diseases, animals and environmental causes. The chapters are divided according to types of injury – needle discoloration or distortion, needle feeding, shoot/branch injury, shoot/branch galls and dead tree or stem/root injury. They then are broken down by injury from insects, fungi and nematodes, birds and mammals, and environmental factors. The manual is available on the web at: or copies can be purchase from your local Extension office for $20.00.

Christmas Tree Diseases, Insects and Disorders in the Pacific Northwest - MISC0186

Christmas tree growers and landscape specialists working with conifers will want this full color reference manual on hand. Authors have compiled descriptions, life cycle, and management information on diseases, pests and disorders common to Christmas trees grown in the Pacific Northwest. Less common pests are included for purposes of identification. Disease and insect sections provide a list of hosts and damage potential rating. Calendars pinpoint months to watch for pest activity on conifers. Available from Washington State University, for $25.00 at

Weeds of the Northeast (E-2666)

Weeds of the Northeast is a practical guide to the identification of common and economically important weeds of the northeastern United States and southern Canada.

It is also a reference book for those aspects of weed biology and ecology important to weed management. Relying on vegetative rather than floral characteristics for identification, this up-to-date manual describes 299 weed species that infest agronomic and horticultural crops, turfgrass areas, nurseries, gardens, and noncrop areas such as landscapes and roadsides. Copies can be purchase from your local MSU Extension office for $33.50.

Scouting Fraser Fir Christmas Trees (AG-573)

This publication discusses scouting and control of the common pests of Fraser fir. Information on ordering this publication can be found at or by contacting Publications, North Carolina State University, Campus Box 7603, Raleigh, NC 27695-7603, phone 919-513-3112.

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