Photography as a 4-H project

Capture memories with your 4-H photography skills.

Did you capture a memory or two at your recent family gatherings and remember the joy that photo’s create? We may not capture them with a traditional camera and film any longer, but today’s technology offers many options for sharing and being creative. It is amazing what we can capture with our smart phones, tablets and electronic devices. Our love of sharing photos is evident with the popularity of sites like Instagram and Snapchat. Did you know that photography is just one of the many areas you can explore as a 4-H project?

The art of photography can be a hobby to unite young and old. These skills can help us share life experiences, bond with one another, discover our heritage and learn valuable life skills. Time and space no longer keep us apart since technology can connect us in ways we only dreamed of 15 years ago. The laughter over pictures may happen over Facetime or comments may appear on Facebook, but the experience is real and the reactions still take place. Relationships today happen in spaces and places that may be different than previous generations, but fostering communications is still important.

Not sure you know enough to lead a group of young people on a journey into photography? Consider some resources like the 4-H photography curriculum to help members discover the basics, including lighting, aperture and shutter speeds, and help them advance to filters and telephoto lenses. You may also involve local professionals to share their expertise with your group. They may help by doing a one-time presentation, mentoring an older member, providing a tour, explaining techniques or leading a group of their own.

Local retailers and many online services offer a vast array of options for creating cards, albums and gifts, all at reasonable prices. You upload your photos, arrange, crop and design the perfect item for your family and friends. These personalized gifts have become very popular and are affordable.

Young people who have developed their skills in this area may decide to explore this as a potential career or enjoy it as a hobby. 4-H projects are more than they seem; they are a way for young people to develop life skills, connect with caring adults, discover what they enjoy and have fun on the process.

Find out how you can start your journey in 4-H and discover the possibilities by contacting your Michigan State University Extension county office for more details.

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