PSM IT News April 8 2024

IT News for the week of April 8, 2024

MSU ESET Antivirus Renewed

My sincere apology to all of the PSM customers who experienced popups and messages indicating that the ESET antivirus on their MSU work computer was set to expire and did finally expire the week of March 18.  In my opinion, the delays were encountered with UPL completing the order to allow MSU I.T. to acquire the new antivirus license.    The renewed license is good until March 15, 2027. 

AT&T Says Breach Affects More Than 70 Million Individuals

(March 30 & April 1, 2024)  From SANS News Bites

AT&T has acknowledged that data leaked to dark web last month includes more than 70- million records of data belonging to current and former customers. Of those roughly 7.6 million are current customers; AT&T has reset passcodes for those individuals. All the compromised data appear to be from 2019 or earlier. AT&T indicates that Social Security Numbers, PINS,  Full  Customer Names, Date of Birth, Physical Mailing and Email Address may have been in the data leaked. For customers that had AT&T service with AT&T previous to 2019 it may be a good idea to request free credit reports from the three credit bureaus (info here).

Hotel Keycard Lock Vulnerability

(March 21, 2024)  from SANS the rest of the news.

Researchers at 2022 Black Hat/Defcon in Las Vegas discovered vulnerabilities in  on the digital door lock that allowed them to use two modified keycards to open any hotel door using the Saflok system made by Dormakaba. The issue was reported to the manufacturer Dormakaba in autumn of 2022 and disclosed just this month 2024. The researchers note that “upgrading each hotel is an intensive process. All locks require a software update or have to be replaced. Additionally, all keycards have to be reissued, front desk software and card encoders have to be upgraded, and 3rd party integrations (e.g. elevators, parking garages and payment systems) may require additional upgrades.”  Further the researchers indicate that 36% of the vulnerable devices have been upgraded.

For those who travel often and stay in hotels, it would be prudent to store any valuables in the hotel safe when away from the hotel room and use a door block while in the room. 


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