Real Colors: A tool for discovering personality temperament – Part 1

Discover personality temperament with Real Color tool.

Understanding our own personality temperament is important when working with others and working through differences in teams. Youth can also understand their temperament and start to develop skills that help them work through differences.

Michigan 4-H Youth Development and Michigan State University Extension use a tool called Real Colors that explores the personality temperament through hands-on learning that is fun and user friendly. Staff around the state have attended train-the-trainer courses that provide a framework and expertise in facilitating these workshops. This workshop can be done with youth in middle and high school ages as well as with adults.

Real Colors is grounded in the personality theory of Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist, and is validated through the research of Myers Briggs and Keirsey-Bates. This informative assessment tool is accurate, understandable and easy to apply on a daily basis. It provides a new and better understanding of learning, teaching and communication styles as they relate to the four colors.

When a participant attends training, they learn what color their preference is. There are four different colors: gold, green, blue and orange. The next four articles in this series will explore the four colors and what it means to be dominant in that color.

If you are interested in learning more about Real Colors workshops and how MSU Extension can help your organization work together as a team, please contact your local MSU Extension office

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